Garic Architects


Temple of Light Prefabrication.

Prefabrication for the Temple of Light is underway. The design uses a unique modular construction system to express complex curvature with conventional engineered lumber.

gallery/temm 1

A 3D printed model of one of the eight petals reveals the subtle curvature of the designed surface.

gallery/temm 2

Workers at Spearhead combine sophisticated digital fabrication with highly developed hand skill.

The structure is a combination ribbed vault and integral shell. Between the petals, glue-lam arches (above) form the primary support, but the petals are more than infill, functioning through the sub-modules (below) more like masonry in compression than spanning timber.

gallery/temm 3

A mock-up of two of the sub-modules being fitted together.

gallery/temm 4

Two sub-module mock-ups, assembled. All internal structure is composed of straight timber sections.

gallery/temm 5

Sub-module Assembly Diagram.